Meet Your Maker Part 1 – Identifying your wardrobe sins



When you learn to make clothes for yourself, you will be presented with unlimited options in terms of fabric, colour, garment, cut, length, embellishments and finish, etc. You can make anything you want and even create your own designs from scratch once you know how. The problem is that it’s difficult to identify yourself in amongst all of the costumes you could potentially create and put on.

So here’s some advice to help you to identify the style you want to create!

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Simplicity 1699 – Peplum top with full bust adjustment

DSC00409Last night I started working on Simplicity 1699 (I got this free with Sew Magazine). I chose to make a mix of View B and View A (I used the View A sleeves). Usually, I dive straight in and before I know it, have a poorly fitted garment that lives on a hanger, rather than on me. This time, I want to try to do things properly, starting with learning how to fit for my shape.

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Free Sewing Patterns – Womenswear

Whether you’re looking to make a simple t-shirt or an evening dress, you’re more than likely going need a pattern. A sewing pattern helps you to learn how garments are constructed and the basic skills that you’re going to use time and time again.

If you’re on a budget, why not try one of the many free patterns available to download and print? There’s no harm in making a mistake cutting out a pattern that didn’t cost you anything.

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The essential beginners sewing kit – For under £65

There’s a vast amount of information online regarding what kit a budding dressmaker should own and it can feel like the list is never ending. Not to mention the escalating budget required!

10153739_10152074940958160_1202076965_nAbove: I’m guilty of buying way too much before I even started.

So here is, in my opinion, the absolute basic kit a beginner dressmaker/tailor will need. For less than £65.

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