Sew Slow – Why I’m quitting Fast Fashion

H&M sign - fast fashion

“Fast fashion” is a term used to refer to clothing that is produced very quickly and very cheaply, to respond to changing trends in fashion. If you live in the UK, think of Primark, H&M and more expensive shops like Next and Topshop.

One of the reasons I started dressmaking was because I was fed up with wandering around shops picking up garments I barely liked, because they were cheap and happened to fit “okay”.

I’ve realised that since I’ve been making my own clothes, I haven’t bought anything new. I’ve bought one or two items from charity shops. So I’ve vowed to quit buying Fast Fashion for good.

Here’s why…

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New Look 6217 – Skirt

New Look 6217 t-shirt kimono trousers skirt pattern

I visited the Wot-Ever Scrap Store in Welwyn Garden City again yesterday and found some more free fabric. You definitely need to check for any scrap store or recycling schemes near you for freebies!

Last night I decided to whip up a skirt using the fabric and used View E from New Look 6217.

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