Sewing room sabotage!

Sewing Room Sabotage

My spare room, where I sew, has been sabotaged. Taken over with unwanted furniture, this means that for the time being I can’t get to my sewing machine. However, this isn’t a complete disaster…

The reason for my spare room being full of wicker furniture? We managed to get hold of a “new” (new to us, old to the previous owner) sofa and armchair. For free too – Trash Nothing UK (there’s often fellow crafters giving away old bedding, scrap fabric etc so it’s worth checking every now and again). So it’s not all bad. I’m sitting comfortably as I type this (though I’d prefer to be at my desk surrounded by patterns, magazines and pin cushions).


I’m slowly building up a massive sewing “to-do” list. I need to get some more blog posts typed up, get some photos of finished garments and also need to use up a lot of my stash. Another job I need to do is to repair my satchel bag. It shouldn’t take me more than a few minutes of hand sewing, and I have a leather needle which will make it easier… but for some reason, I’ve been walking around with my bag like this for a month!!

20150418_112812 Do you share your sewing room with anyone else? Mine is also a guitar/study room for my boyfriend, Simon. But… he tends to just pile stuff on his makeshift desk and plays guitar in the front room instead. But, because it’s OUR spare room, it’s the go-to place to store large items when we need them out of the way temporarily.

We’re considering moving property in the next few months and I’ve got my mind set on a small room just for sewing. Or a larger room that we can share (if we have to).

Anyway, I’m off to distract myself from the fact that I can’t sew right now! What would you do if your sewing space was taken over for a week?


6 thoughts on “Sewing room sabotage!

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  2. I can currently only sew on the dining table so everything has to get packed away when I’m done otherwise we can’t eat! We are hopefully moving soon too and the new house has a spare room which I am so excited about!

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