New Look 6217 – Skirt

New Look 6217 t-shirt kimono trousers skirt pattern

I visited the Wot-Ever Scrap Store in Welwyn Garden City again yesterday and found some more free fabric. You definitely need to check for any scrap store or recycling schemes near you for freebies!

Last night I decided to whip up a skirt using the fabric and used View E from New Look 6217.

It turned out ok. Definitely wearable. In fact I’m wearing it today with black tights, boots and a big baggy cardigan.


The fit is okay and there is a lot of ease so I can sit down comfortably. I was worried as the fabric is very stiff.

I messed the zip up due to not reading the instructions properly and having to botch it together. It holds well enough but I know for next time to read the instructions THOROUGHLY!

Good pattern and I’ll definitely make another one, but reduce the length and maybe use a thinner fabric. I might line it too, as it will just feel nicer!

So it’s the third month of the me made wardrobe challenge and I’ve got two finished garments: the skirt and this shirt which I threw together from another New Look pattern.


I’ve got a bit of catching up to do and need to finish the peplum top… which I think I’ve been pretending doesn’t exist. I made three toiles and cant get the fit right. Back to the drawing board!

What do you think? Did you make anything this weekend?

12 thoughts on “New Look 6217 – Skirt

  1. Your skirt looks great – well done! I love finding bargain fabric, I picked up a huge remnant of jersey in a charity shop for a fiver at the weekend – can’t wait to make a 1950s style wiggle dress from it!


  2. That skirt is a fantastic fit on you and I love the material.

    I have bought a cheap end of roll cotton, I plan to make a short sleeve blouse. I have trimmed the paper pattern but that’s as far as it’s got today, can’t wait to get on with it tomorrow.


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